Guitar Repair

Our luthier, Marc Desrochers, was not even 18 when he completed the construction of his first guitar, more than 30 years ago. Marc worked as a luthier for many years in addition to building a good number of original instruments.

From a simple tune-up to a full refret to electronics, we offer all aspects of the work on a string instrument.

In addition to his work as a luthier, Marc is also the man of desperate causes, he’s willing and able to take care of an impressive number of situations that very few would attempt.

A few of his creations:

  • Marc Desrochers’ Deep Body Acoustic (2009) Le corps et le manche de cette guitare sont faits d’acajou, sa table d’harmonie est en épinette blanche et sa touche est en bois de rose. C’est une merveille ! – – – – – The body and neck of this guitar are made of mahogany, the top is made of white spruce and the fretboard of rosewood. This is a marvel!

  • Guitare Baritone semi-acoustique : corps et table d’harmonie en cedro, manche en acajou africain, touché en bois de rose. Cette guitare est presque terminée, seule l’électronique est encore en développement. – – – – – Baritone guitar with semi-hollow construction, cedro body, quilted cedro top, African mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, this guitar is almost finished, only the electronics is still in development.

  • Guitare en pin de Marc Desrochers - Marc Desrochers’ Pine Guitar
  • Celle-ci vient d’être terminée (Novembre 2017) Corps en pin, manche en cedro, touche en bois de rose, pick-up des années 60, non-identifié, de style DeArmond, et qui sonne très bien. Le match parfait avec cette guitare. – – – – – This guitar has just been completed (November 2017) Pine body, cedro neck, rosewood fretboard and unidentified 1960’s “DeArmond style” pick-up that sounds great and is a perfect match to this guitar.